Clean CARFAX® Report

Do You Have a Clean CARFAX?

Clean CARFAX® Report in Sarasota, FL

If you’re ready to upgrade to anew ride, you’re likely looking to get rid of your current model. One of the big components that impacts the value of your vehicle is itsCARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. Wondering what this report contains? Or are you shopping for aused vehicleand you’re curious about what you should look out for in this report? Either way,Gettel Nissanis here to shed some light on the subject. Keep reading to learn more and become a CARFAX® expert!

What goes into a CARFAX® report?

Whether you’re selling your current car or eyeing a pre-owned vehicle, the CARFAX® report holds significant sway in sealing the deal. With just a vehicle’s VIN, you can access its comprehensive records on CARFAX®. Explore below for valuable insights available through the CARFAX® database.

Any Damage To the Vehicle

Initially, a vehicle’s exterior may appear pristine, but that doesn’t guarantee it hasn’t undergone previous damage. For instance, despite outward appearances, a model could have accrued accident damage over time. CARFAX® even provides insights into whether airbags have been deployed. This offers reassurance, allowing you to verify whether the vehicle harbors any hidden issues stemming from prior damage.

Odometer History

CARFAX® can even show the exact mileage from the model’s odometer. Occasionally, if a car has a manual odometer, it could have been manually altered, but that’s not very common. But still keep this possibility in mind since if there is the chance that the odometer has been tampered with, it could inaccurately show that the model is less used than it actually is.¸

Any Issues With Titling

The title serves as definitive proof of vehicle ownership. If it’s missing or contains any discrepancies, it’s advisable to reconsider purchasing that particular model and seek a more reliable option. CARFAX® provides a transparent ownership history, so it’s crucial to review this data carefully. Moreover, we advise against purchasing from a private seller who is unable to provide proof of ownership for the vehicle.

“Lemon Status”

When a vehicle is titled as having “lemon status,” it typically means the model has been recalled or repurchased. We recommend refraining from buying a car that holds this status because it could mean it potentially will have future problems. The CARFAX® report will also provide you with this information.

Records of Previous Owners

We also highly recommend that you gain a thorough understanding of a vehicle’s ownership history. For instance, a used rental car presents uncertainty as it’s unclear how many drivers have used it and the stress it might have endured. If the pre-owned vehicle you’re eyeing has had few owners who maintained its upkeep, it’s a positive sign that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Any Service or Maintenance Records

With the CARFAX® report, you can discern if a used vehicle has undergone routine maintenance. Explore records of oil changes, tire rotations and any regular checkups conducted over the years. In addition, review the vehicle’s service history to gauge the number of issues it has encountered.

Any Warranties Still Valid

CARFAX® will indicate any valid warranties on a pre-owned vehicle. Depending on the model’s age and mileage, available warranties can cover qualifying repairs at no extra cost to you.

Model-Specific Safety Information

Your CARFAX® report includes crash-test details for the make and model. It also provides a thorough summary of safety recalls and other safety information. Rest assured, this comprehensive insight ensures you can trust the used vehicle to transport you safely to every destination.

A Clean CARFAX® Report

Have you just received a clean CARFAX® report? Lucky you! This means that the model doesn’t have any concerning problems that you need to fret about. Alternatively, if you’re interested in selling your current vehicle and it hasn’t incurred any serious accidents or major maintenance issues, you’ll be able to make a significant profit from your sale. Stay on the safe side when you’re considering purchasing a used vehicle and take the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ very seriously — any red flags could mean extra costs for you down the road!

If you have any questions about the CARFAX® reports that we offer with our used inventory, please feel free to contact us directly or stop by Gettel Nissan at3530 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34239. As always, we look forward to serving our customers from Sarasota, FL, and throughout Venice, Port Charlotte and Bradenton.