How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Six Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in Sarasota, FL

One minute you’re cruising down the highway, feeling the rush of wind in your hair, and the next, you’re interrupted by having to stop for fuel at the gas station. Filling up your tank can be quite costly, but the team at Gettel Nissan wants to help! Keep reading to find ways to maximize your gas-powered vehicle’s fuel efficiency (or shop our electrified models , if you’re ready to upgrade).

Six Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

1. Avoid Rush Hour

Though it’s not always possible with our busy lives and work schedules, avoiding rush hour traffic can help drivers get better gas mileage and save money in the process. To help with fuel efficiency, plan ahead and try to avoid driving during busy times of the day. For example, instead of going grocery shopping during high traffic times, you can go on your way home from work, avoiding the 6 p.m. traffic jam, or on the weekend when traffic is lighter. Researching the best time to leave on a road trip, planning to complete errands on your way home from work or grouping all of your errands together during the weekends are great strategies for minimizing fuel use.

2. Remove Excess Weight

Adding extra weight to your vehicle increases drag, meaning it takes more fuel to get from place to place. Every 100 pounds of extra weight can reduce your car’s mpg by up to one percent, which can add up to an additional four cents per gallon in fuel costs.1 To reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency, it’s important to remove all unnecessary items from your vehicle. This includes luggage, boxes and other heavy items.

3. Follow the Speed Limit and Use Cruise Control

We encourage you to always follow the speed limit and avoid speeding. Driving over 50 mph can decrease your gas mileage.1 To stay at a consistent speed, we recommend using cruise control on highways to avoid speeding or slowing down abruptly.

4. Don’t Let Your Car Idle For Long

It’s always a good idea to turn off your car when you’re not using it, as this helps conserve fuel and reduce emissions. If you’re stuck in traffic and can’t turn your car off, there are still steps you can take to conserve fuel, such as turning off the climate control systems so that the engine doesn’t have to work as hard.

5. Use the Correct Grade of Motor Oil

Unless you drive an all-electric vehicle, replacing your car’s motor oil regularly is essential. It’s important to ensure you use the appropriate grade of motor oil for your car. Using the manufacturer’s specified motor oil grade can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to two percent. 2

6. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Be proactive about car maintenance. Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated, changing the oil in a timely manner and following other manufacturer-recommended maintenance guidelines can help you get the most out of every gallon of gas.

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